Z is for Zenith!

Ok, so I finally made it through the whole alphabet.  I know I had a better word for Z some time ago, but it’s long gone now.

As for the last month or so around here, all three of my  children are in school at some point.  Belle is enjoying second grade and is devouring books right and left.  Little Bear is in preschool M, W, F.  All but one of his best buddies from last year are in his class this year.  The Pre-K is large enough to have 2 classes of kids!  Little Lamb goes to the same school on M, W.  I only wanted her to attend two days a week, but knew it would be too much for her to be away from LB that much if she attended the traditional Tues/Thurs days.  Thankfully our school’s director is extremely understanding and is allowing her to follow an unusual schedule.  She has also been extremely helpful with the financial side.  All of the classes are full (or close to full) this year which allows her to be a bit more flexible.  I thank God each day that we found such an amazing school here in our small town.
I am keeping myself busy by serving on the Leadership Team for my Bible Study.  All the leaders meet on Wednesday mornings to go over the study and then I’m in the 1-2 year old class on Thursdays (when everyone else is in Bible Study).  There are two little boys, both named Will, who have attached themselves to me.  They are so sweet and a bit prone to crying for mommy, but the way they reach for me as their closest stand-in warms my heart.  Last week was the best week thus far for the Will who typically cries the hardest.  I even had the pleasure of seeing him laugh, which was huge!!  The other Will was absent, so I’m praying he doesn’t back track this week.  
I have a 4 month old baby I watch on Fridays.  He’s the son of a friend who is a nurse and therefore is able to just work one day a week.  She may increase it to two days eventually, which will take out my only “me time” on Mondays, but I’ll get over it.  
We celebrated two birthdays last month as well.  Belle is now a big 8 year old girl and my wee Little Lamb is 3.  Not so wee, huh?  She is half-way potty trained.  And by half-way I mean, she’s trained in one but not the other.  And that’s all the details I’m going to give you on that one.  Except maybe one phrase I hope to never hear again (but know that I will) “Mommy, my pants are wet from my poop!”  I actually had to go buy more underwear today because of the ones we’ve had to throw away.  I’m not usually one for being that wasteful, but some things are beyond repair.  Especially when you are out running errands and aren’t planning to go straight home.  Ok, I’m really done with that now!
So, yeah, we’re a bit busy around here.  Enjoying life just as much as we can, though!   And clearly too tired for nice transitions between paragraphs.  Take what you can get, people!  🙂


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