Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

A nasty flu bug-likely H1N1-has hit the depechemom household.  It’s a tough one, I tell ya.  Little Bear started with a fever on Friday morning and Little Lamb came down with it on Saturday morning.  LB was warm again this morning, but got by with just one dose of meds.  LL was back up to 102 and required two doses of meds.  She did get up and play around 2 which was a big improvement over the last few days.
We’ve missed school and two birthday parties, cancelled dinner plans with friends, and only left the house when necessary.  Thank goodness for the grocery pickup-I order everything online and set up a time to pick it all up.  It did cost me an extra $4 this time, but I couldn’t take them in the store knowing how sick they’ve been.
I’ve tossed countless bowls of food that Little Lamb requested but then refused to eat.  The girl ate 3/4 of a piece of toast and a slice of a baguette today.  Maybe a few cheerios or crispix.  That’s it.  Little Bear is eating a little more than she is, but still ate virtually no dinner.  They are drinking juice, watered down coke, water, and a little milk.  I’m going to have to seriously fatten them up once they are well.  Little Bear had finally gotten to 32 pounds…bet he’s back down to 30 or 31 before this is all over.
I’ve gotten more than enough snuggles in with LL and LB.  Of course Belle is jealous.  She hasn’t even sat on the sofa since Thursday evening!  LB told me today that he would keep me forever for my hair.  He still likes to play with it now and then.  Usually just a quick stroke before bed or leaving for school.
Anyhow, I’m praying every moment of every day that J, Belle, and I don’t get it.  I have a suspiciously scratchy throat and I’m full on exhausted-but that’s likely just from taking care of two sick wee ones.
I did manage to get some cooking accomplished today.  Homemade Chicken Stock, French Onion Soup, and an Apple Skillet Cake.  I wasn’t as impressed with the cake as I wanted to be.  I’m hoping to get my food blog going again as the holidays approach…we’ll see how that goes though!


One Response to “Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize”

  1. I’m so sorry. I hope you all feel better and/or stay well.

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