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Today I am thankful for: my dishwasher

Posted in Uncategorized on November 23, 2009 by depechemom

If there is one thing that holds me back from cooking more than I already do, it’s the clean up.  I did a lot of cooking today, and as I tackled the mess I found myself feeling ever so thankful for my dishwasher.  I intentionally pick things that can go into the dishwasher over handwash items as much as possible.  I have friends who don’t have dishwashers…I can’t even imagine.  The temptation to use disposable things would be that much greater, I think.

If you’d like to know what I spent my time cooking, check out my food blog!


Today I am thankful for: bedtime!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 22, 2009 by depechemom

[I’m actually posting this a day late…pretend it’s Sunday night as you read this!]

With job applications, board exams, journal club, question club, writing obligations, and who knows what else, J has needed some time alone on Sunday mornings.  That’s easy enough to accomplish these days with Sunday School, church, and Pageant Practice.  That gives him 4 hours of a quiet house right there!  The problem comes when he has to go in to the hospital to do his pre-ops on Sunday afternoon, leaving me alone with the kids at the grocery store, shopping for the week.  
I found myself feeling a little extra crabby around 7 in the evening.  And then it hit me, I’d reached 12 hours of full-on Mommy duty and was simply exhausted.  J did help some when he was around, he just wasn’t around most of the day.  So once 8:00 hit and it was bedtime for  the kids, I was more than ready!!


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I’m talking about Recipe Resources over on my food blog.  If you’ve got a favorite cookbook, site, blog or whatever you’d like to share…click on over!  Argh!  It seems wordpress tossed my photo when I changed the theme.  Add another item to the to do list!

Having Belle home from school these two days has been such a joy!  We darted about here and there yesterday.  Not really accomplishing most of the things I’d hoped to do, but together nonetheless.  Today, we’re staying home for now.  Belle finished a book in bed this morning and then started working on a Brain Quest workbook I bought her.  All without me asking!  I love it when I find her on weekend mornings snuggled in bed with a book.  

The Littles, as I so often call them, are still waking up too early.  They haven’t made it past 6:10 am since the time change.  It will come in handy tomorrow morning, but I haven’t much liked it on these mornings I don’t have to be up and running.  They do play in their room fairly nicely, but they come begging for food every few minutes.  

I’m tackling laundry and other such fun chores today.  And now you see why I don’t post all that often.  Our lives are just so exciting!! 🙂

November, I welcome thee!

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Well looky there.  I get sick and suddenly half a month is gone!  Honestly, once we recovered from the flu, we’ve been out and about having too much fun to stop and write.  With the holidays coming-and all the fun cooking involved, I’d really like to get my cooking blog resurrected.  

We have a big backlog of photos to download off the camera, but once that happens I’ll post some of our Halloween pics.  We had a fabulous week with J home on vacation.  Sadly, he heads back to work tomorrow just as Belle has two days off.  I’m looking forward to a couple extra days with my big girl.  It feels like forever since she’s has a day off school!  

Song I’ll be singing all day, thanks to a sweet purchase  by J on ITunes for his girls: Party in the USA.  It’s just the type of song you find yourself singing at random moments, even if you haven’t heard it in weeks.