November, I welcome thee!

Well looky there.  I get sick and suddenly half a month is gone!  Honestly, once we recovered from the flu, we’ve been out and about having too much fun to stop and write.  With the holidays coming-and all the fun cooking involved, I’d really like to get my cooking blog resurrected.  

We have a big backlog of photos to download off the camera, but once that happens I’ll post some of our Halloween pics.  We had a fabulous week with J home on vacation.  Sadly, he heads back to work tomorrow just as Belle has two days off.  I’m looking forward to a couple extra days with my big girl.  It feels like forever since she’s has a day off school!  

Song I’ll be singing all day, thanks to a sweet purchase  by J on ITunes for his girls: Party in the USA.  It’s just the type of song you find yourself singing at random moments, even if you haven’t heard it in weeks.


One Response to “November, I welcome thee!”

  1. I saw what you wrote on FB about LL loving that song, and now I can’t get it out of my head!! I was singing it last night and moving Alaina’s arms and legs so she was “dancing” along, and she was loving it! It is a very catchy song 🙂

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