Today I am thankful for: bedtime!

[I’m actually posting this a day late…pretend it’s Sunday night as you read this!]

With job applications, board exams, journal club, question club, writing obligations, and who knows what else, J has needed some time alone on Sunday mornings.  That’s easy enough to accomplish these days with Sunday School, church, and Pageant Practice.  That gives him 4 hours of a quiet house right there!  The problem comes when he has to go in to the hospital to do his pre-ops on Sunday afternoon, leaving me alone with the kids at the grocery store, shopping for the week.  
I found myself feeling a little extra crabby around 7 in the evening.  And then it hit me, I’d reached 12 hours of full-on Mommy duty and was simply exhausted.  J did help some when he was around, he just wasn’t around most of the day.  So once 8:00 hit and it was bedtime for  the kids, I was more than ready!!


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