Repeat performance?

     We have snow in the forecast…again.  It’s actually a very similar set-up to the huge storm at the end of December (aka the Snowpocalypse of 2009).  At last check, they’re saying we’ll probably get 3-6″ with the chance for a foot or so if the storm shifts west a bit.    I seriously hope that doesn’t happen.
    Little Bear is sick with a croupy/wheezy cough.  Poor little guy looks pitiful!   He managed to play some today, but he keeps saying “Mommy, I wish my cough would just go away.”  Me too, Buddy.  Me too.  When J heard him cough this morning, he said it was definitely croup.  And so, we traded our Bible Study time this morning for a visit to the pediatrician.  
     Looks like we’ll be hunkering down this weekend…Maybe I’ll finally get around to those pictures I promised.


2 Responses to “Repeat performance?”

  1. hope he feels better soon, poor guy!

  2. marybeth hoover Says:

    I hope he’s better too-John has had a fever all weekend 😦

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