More Belle, age 8

If you recall, I’m emptying my brain of tales of the kids this month.  Here’s more on Belle…

     A game the kids often play is doctor.  A doctor’s kit, or two or three, are necessary items when your Daddy is a doctor.  I love seeing the kids acting in caretaker roles.  On this one day, LL was sick, and a puppy, if I recall correctly.  Here is a list of her chief complaints, carefully scribed by Dr. Belle:
Tummy hurts a lot,
foot cramps a lot,
nose bleeds a lot,
has trouble going pee-pee,
eyes get puffy a lot,
lips chap a lot.  
Not sure what the diagnosis was, but it couldn’t have been good!
     Belle’s latest book that she’s writing here at home is titled, “The Girl Who Liked Church”.  I wish I could share the pictures for her book, but I’m a terrible scanner.  Plus they’re on orange paper.  Anyhow, here is how the story stands at this point….

The Girl Who Liked Church
Chapter 1: Church head!
     There was a girl who liked church.  All the other kids did not like church.  Church is importent! she would say.  Church head!  Church head! Evreyone would yell.  I am not a church head!! Christey yelled.  I’m sorry, said her friend Evelyn.  Like evreyone says, you are a church head.  Brrrrrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!  The shool bell rang.
Chapter 2:  Ya!!  Ya!!  Ya!!
     Since you all know a lot about church, we are going to study it, for the rest of the year!  Ya!!  Ya!!  Ya!! yelld Christey.   Noooooo.  Evrey one said, as if the were melting.  Christey opened the bible and sat reading it.  Wow!  What are we going to do? said Miss Peaterson.

That’s as far as she has gotten so far.  It had gotten lost in a pile in the office.  Shocking, I know!  I found it this afternoon, and I’m hoping for another chapter this weekend.  I have at least one more thing to post on Belle, but I’m going to wait a few more days.  I’ve got some adorable stuff on Little Lamb to share first.


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