Little Lamb, age 3

    Sweet Little Lamb keeps me laughing and smiling with her adorableness.  She no longer wears capes every day, nor does she require me to call her by other names-whomever she is pretending to be that day.  She’s beginning to like some girlie things like Barbie and My Little Pony, but she often pretends to be the boys still.  She has begun to find the joy in Mommy/LL time, but she’d still rather have Little Bear or Belle with her.  Baby J, the baby I watch 2 days a week, is a suitable stand in for them if necessary.  She told me the other day she wanted a Baby J of her own.  I told her Daddy said, “No More Babies!” but I’m not sure she believes me.
    We often have discussions of what the kids want to be when they grow up.  Belle has a list a mile long of possibilities, most of which are far out of reach (Olympic skier, Olympic ice skater come to mind, seeing as she’s never skied and only ice skated once!).  Little Bear will sometimes say construction worker, others Iron Man/Spiderman/Batman, and, most recently, a pizza cooker with Daddy.  But, Little Lamb is the funniest of all.  At first she said she wanted to be a zebra, as if that was just as normal as being a doctor or lawyer.  Lately, however, she says she wants to be a nice lion with sharp claws.  She’s offered to protect J and I, so I’m not complaining!
     She enjoys her preschool class greatly.  Her teachers adore her, and I can tell because she always comes home smelling of their perfume!  Lately she has been able to tell us more about what she is learning at school, rather than just expecting me to somehow know the book her teacher read that day based on some sketchy description.  My favorite was the one about the girl in the bathtub.  You know the one, right??  She insisted I should know it.  According to LL, the hot game in preschool right now is Princesses and Princes.  Where the girls are princesses and the boys are, you guessed it, princes.  It must be all the rage as she claims to play it every day.  I’ve spied on them playing at recess and it looks like a bunch of random running in circles and throwing mulch on the alligator, but what do I know???  
[If you’re wondering how I’ve spied on my daughter at recess…They are the last group on the playground, just before dismissal.  Sometimes I finish my errands a little early, so I’ll go to school and just hang out in the parking lot.]
     The kids gave me Beatles Rock Band for Christmas.  We all take turns with the various instruments-guitar, drums, vocals.  LL’s favorite songs are Yellow Submarine, Twist and Shout (esp. the high Oooo!, complete with head shake), and Goodbye, Hello.  She’s partial to Paul most days, and likes to pretend the guitar is a “pinanno”.  
    I know I’m going to blink and she’ll be the 8 year old.  Making Belle 13, which is beyond my comprehension right now.  It’s my goal to enjoy the kids just as they are, each day.  I’ll be sad when she no longer believes she can grow up and somehow be an animal.  When she will delight in time away from Belle and LB.  And me.  When she won’t respond to J’s claims that he feels like an old man with, “I feel like a deer.”  Until then, I’m loving every minute of it!


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  1. marybeth hoover Says:

    Wow-what a cutie. I wish I knew her 😦

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