Typical conversation with Little Lamb

Little Lamb is still of the age that she thinks we all know what’s in her heard.  Oh how much easier life would be if we did…

LL:  Mommy, who’s that girl with the white hair?

Me: What? … Who? … From school?

LL: No!

Little Bear: Tinker Bell?

LL:  She doesn’t have white hair!

Me:  Is she on a show?  What show?


Me:  Huh???  So she’s on a show?

LL: Yes. (huff)

Me:  So she has white hair and she’s on a show.  I’m going to need more details, LL.  Can you tell me something about the show?

LL: (silent staring)

LL:  There is a blue guy that’s a blob.  

Me: OH!!  Monster’s Vs. Aliens!  Hmmmmm, what is her name?

I then remembered that we have a M vs. A coloring book and looked in it.  Her name is Susan.  I omitted all the other random blond haired people that LB called out which only served to frustrated LL more.


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