Tuesdays are Little Lady and Mommy days. Most of the time I like having a day with my sweet shadow, except of course when she is beyond pitiful, missing Belle and The Boy. I can always detect those days right away as she asks for lunch as we’re pulling out of the school parking lot at 8 am. I guess she figures pick-up isn’t much after lunch, so an early lunch should bring an early pick-up. Little does she know what little control over the school schedule we have.

Today started as just that sort of day. She simply cannot fathom playing something on her own and isn’t willing to engage me in play. I let her have a little TV time while I busied about the house. As soon as that was over however, it was clear we needed to get out of the house. We spruced ourselves up a bit-make up for me and braids for LL-and headed out on a quest. TB is getting baptized (also called babatized around here 🙂 ) next month and I wanted some new pants for the occasion.
The first store was a strike out, in both merchandise and improvement of LL’s attitude. We took a little break for a bagel and chocolate milk (coffee for me) at Panera and that was just the boost we needed!

I found the perfect pants at the second store and another Little Lady/Mommy day was saved! She really has the sweetest smile of any little girls I know.


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  1. MaryBeth Says:


  2. My little one loves it when we have Mommy/Emmy days, and the 17 year-old loves it when we have Mommy/Delaney days. Those days are so important! I hope you all enjoy them!

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