About me

I’m a mother to 3 and wife to a wonderful husband. I love baking, crafts, snuggling with my kids, shopping, and watching TV. I’m not a great house-keeper, but I’m working on it. Really. I am.


4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Hi. I just want to comment that my son (now 6) went throught the same exact symptoms at an early. His eczema DID go away quickly, so we thought all was well, even though the other symptoms persisted off and on. Finally, after years of questions and no answers, we have found that he has multiple food allergies. PLEASE take your gut instinct seriously, as most Mom’s who find themselves in my boat say they knew it all along. The earlier you treat the issue, the happier that child will be. I would suggest the book: IS THIS YOUR CHILD? by a pediatric allergist Dr. Doris Rapp. Also, be warned that not all testing is accurate. One of our kids had allergies show up on back scratches, but not the blood draw. Our other boy was the exact opposite. Trust your gut…there is alot of help out there with these issues.

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  3. Where are you and J moving and why???? I just read your blog today and I’m so far behind on news about you guys!

    The kids are growing up so fast! Tell JB hello from me!

  4. Nancy Hall Says:

    Sounds like you are in the process of moving? Where/what kind of place did you find?

    E-mail me when you can.

    Love to you and J and the kiddos!!


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