Strawberry Bliss

We had a fantastic weekend together! On Saturday we played around the house in the morning then went to a “Pick your own berries” Strawberry Farm. We came home with more than we can eat, but had a great together. These are the years of building fond family-time memories with Belle. The kind we’ll talk about for years to come-like how Bear kept picking the white ones-and Lamb will ask “Was I alive?” (I’m famous in my family for asking that very question!) I have to say these are the most delicious strawberries I have EVER tasted. If you’re like us and can’t grow your own fruits and veggies, try to find local farms that will let you come pick your produce. We have apple, peach, and strawberry farms that we have frequented. It really is a lot of fun and it’s amazing how much better they taste.After the farm we took a drive through a state park. The road winds around the mountains with breathtaking views. Here’s a few pics from our day.picking-berries.jpgchloe-with-bruise.jpg(Yes, that’s a bruise on her cheek. Maybe someday I’ll get the nerve to tell you about that! I’ll tell you this much-baby in chair up on table + well meaning brother=boom, baby and chair on floor)strawberries.jpgclaire-with-braids.jpg


2 Responses to “Strawberry Bliss”

  1. halfmyheart Says:

    We are heading to our local Strawberry patch in a week! Ours are not quite ripe yet due to the crazy cold weather earlier this year. They do taste extra sweet, amazing! Great pictures!!!

  2. That looks like a fabulously good time! Beautiful strawberries.

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