Big girl

I love seeing how each child excels. Little Lady is definitely gifted in writing and drawing. The girl has been able to color within the lines and write her name in all caps for a year now. Her latest development is to write her name in what we call “The Kindergarten Way”. You know, first letter capitalized and the others lower case. The Boy only started doing it regularly this school year. Now, LL does still write it in mirror half the time, but it still counts in my book.

Here’s a pic of my big girl showing me just how big she is.

Ugh! I’m having difficulty getting the picture on here from my phone. Will try again later.


One Response to “Big girl”

  1. My preschooler loves to write and draw, too. I love watching her write her name (complete with backwards J) in the fog on a bus window or on the bathroom mirror.

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