the suspense (ha, ha!) is over

So, at long last, here is the fruit of my many hours of labor. (No, I don’t really think you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for this. But hey, I can pretend, right?) It’s not so much that these are particularly difficult patterns, they just take some time to accomplish what with all the activity we have around’re hanging a bit crooked here on the stairs. The hem on Little Bear’s outfit is not as crazy as it looks here. I freaked out when I first saw the photo!lbs-close-up.jpgThis is the close-up of LB’s embroidery. The elf patterns are courtesy of Hillary Lang at Wee Wonderfuls-a most amazing blog. This particular stichette is from her freebies section, which you know if my most favorite price in the world!! I’ve got a pointy kitty nearly finished, most likely for Little Lamb. I also purchased the super boy/robot pattern book hoping to make LB a robot for Christmas. I have high hopes!christmas-kids.jpgAnd finally our beautiful children all dressed and ready for J’s department Christmas party. I’m planning to outline the patches with a green blanket stitch to give them a more finished look, but there wasn’t time before the party.


6 Responses to “the suspense (ha, ha!) is over”

  1. They are SO CUTE!!! I love the red and white together. Ah, adorable!

  2. They’re adorable 🙂

  3. So, so cute. I want to eat them up, they are so adorable. You’ve got talent to make those!

  4. I was seriously gonna guess that you were making Christmas clothes, lol… They turned out great!!! Wish I was that talented.

  5. Once agian, you have outdone yourself! I love it. I am going to Linda Dao’s house right now to make Steelers scrub caps for Jason’s Christmas present!

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