A little update from the last two posts:


First, J awoke the other night around 11pm (when I snuck (sneaked?) in to get my pillow) feeling much better.  I fed him some dinner and we went to bed.  Ultimately, he was on a new service that day and felt much like he was starting all over, having no knowledge of what to do.  He has a way of internalizing his stress, expecting far too much of himself, and I suppose it got the better of him on his drive home.  He barely made it home without tossing his cookies in the car!  Interestingly enough, he had a similar experience on his first day of NICU back in Oct. 2006.


One thing I forgot to mention in the tale of my parents’ never ending vacation was that one of my oldest friends (oldest in that we’ve known each other since we were toddlers, I believe I am actually a couple of months older than she) was staying at their house with their two dogs-one of which is a HIGHLY active puppy-and graciously agreed to stay the additional two days.  [How’s that for a run-on sentence???] Thanks Amy!!  You’re the greatest!  


And as for yesterday and my list, I completed 42 of the 47 items.  Not too shabby.  And, in case you’re wondering what sort of disaster struck my house to make it 47 items messy, I like to break down my list in to tiny tasks so I have lots to mark off.  As well, I cleaned before my parents came but not while they were here so I had a little catching up to do.  And now, I’m all caught up!  

Good think too, because I woke this morning with that scratchy-coming-down-with-a-cold feeling in my throat.  How fun!


3 Responses to “Update”

  1. You completed 42 tasks?! That is very, very impressive.

  2. You are my hero! So much to do before the big move and you’re still sane. Oh, and try ColdFX for that cold. It’s the perfect time. Keep plugging along…

  3. Amy Reeves Says:

    you’re welcome!!! oh and LOVED the run-on sentence.

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