The lucky ones

Tonight, as I was tucking in the children, Belle asked for our “Secret Kiss”.  This is our latest nighttime ritual wherein she kisses me on both cheeks, we rub noses, and I give her a butterfly kiss.  Afterwards, she asked me if people HAVE to get married when they get older.  I told her she should get married if she meets someone she loves as much as I love Daddy.  I had a hint of where she was headed-down the don’t want to leave Mommy and Daddy path.  I explained how getting married gave her someone special to be with always and to be able to have kids one day.  She got this adorable gleam in her eyes and she said, “Some people, it’s very rare, but, the really lucky ones get to have the Grandparents live with them!”  I smiled, knowing the day will come that we are the last people she wants living with her.  No sense telling her that now, though.  I’m just enjoying being the best people in her life.


2 Responses to “The lucky ones”

  1. Chris and the girls have had their secret kisses since they could talk. They think it is so funny that I don’t know what the secret kiss is… it is their special thing with daddy.

    PMT has told me several times that she is never getting married… and PW tells me that she is never having kids. I remember saying the SAME things to my parents growing up! lol

  2. awww cute story! I remember asking my mom if I was going to have to love my future husband more than I loved my parents.

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