if you can’t beat them, drown them out!

Sorry to have been so silent lately. Christmas came and left more quickly than I ever could have imagined. My parents came to town for a quick post-Christmas visit. This was our first Christmas that we did not travel, and I did my best to just soak it all in. Then, just as I was ready to share all of our fun with you all, J began a week of a VERY difficult schedule. The kind that wears me out so that by the end of the day, I find myself in a fit of anger. Today I lasted longer than last night before turning into my tyrant self. I suppose part of that is because Little Lamb napped slightly better than yesterday and also because not having J around to usher in the New Year was, in a word, depressing. The year 2007 ended with as little excitement and fun as I ever could have imagined. In fact, I was asleep by 10:15 pm. I would have gone to bed by 6 pm just to end the day if I could have.

So tonight, as the tyrant began to emerge, I grabbed the vacuum and cleaned the rug, under the sofa, around the toe kick of the kitchen cabinets, and throughout the dining room. At least then I couldn’t hear the children blatantly ignore my directions! Another benefit: once I finished it was time to put Little Lamb to bed, followed closely by Little Bear and Belle. I haven’t given Little Bear his nap the last two days so that he can see J the few, and by few I mean two, hours he is available to play. Because he’s skipped his nap, he has fallen asleep on the sofa around 7:30. At least tonight I got him dressed and brushed his teeth before he fell asleep!

Anyhow, with the kitchen clean-we’ve been eating dinner around 4:15 so we can eat with J-and even the floors vacuumed, I’m going to do some crafting!

Good night to you all. I’m hoping to have a 2007 review post coming soon, but I’ll have to be of clearer mind to do that. My glasses are much less than rose-colored right now and I fear it’s not the best time for fondly looking back.

Till next time…


2 Responses to “if you can’t beat them, drown them out!”

  1. Oh, it is so, so, so hard to parent without a backup at the end of the day. I’m impressed with your new and cleaner coping strategies. Hoping the heavy work schedule doesn’t last too long.

  2. I would be so ready for a glass of wine at about 4 pm each day (especially in the summer) while husband was gone. Not only do kids take a ton of energy from you… but there is housework and other life things to take care of. Kudos to you and Hang in there!

    We miss you… still have your Christmas gift sitting under the tree (that is still up!)… hope to get together soon.

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