My Philosophy

I’ve mentioned a time or two that I like to make things to avoid heavily processed versions of similar foods. As I mull over the words I’ve written it occurred to me that, with this being a tiny snippet of my life, I might come across as snooty or too good for regular store-bought food. The fact is I buy very few natural or organic foods (though I’d like to buy more) simply because they are too expensive. I do keep my eye out for sales when I can, or just weird pricing-at my grocery store the bags of organic mini boxes of raisins are seriously one cent more than the regular. I make things partially because I enjoy trying new techniques, but mostly as a way of evening things out. I know there are going to be nights when we eat Oscar Mayer hot dogs with a can of Van de Camps Pork n Beans or a Red Barron pepperoni pizza, so I make what I can at home. Please do not feel any judgement from me for feeding your kids frozen chicken strips, Kraft Mac n Cheese, or whatever your kids love. I do challenge you to what you can to make things from scratch-it’s more fun than you might think!


3 Responses to “My Philosophy”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    Who says that cooking from scratch is more fun?! I disagree!

  2. Amy Reeves Says:

    Actually, I prefer organic or made from home stuff a lot more than stuff from a box. It is loaded with sodium and God knows what else. More power to ya that your kids have a much more complex palate (<–brain fart on the spelling) than Chris’ kids all they want is boxed mac-n-cheese. That cannot be healthy. Alanna will not eat something that is not from a box and and she is sick a lot. Do not feel as if you are “snooty” you are just ahead of the rest of us.

  3. You’ve never come across preachy or snooty to me. Write on unhindered!

    Ps- We eat very little processed food, too.

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